I’m still here :)

Today was a welcome gorgeous day off in the city of Chicago. Despite the crazy wind it managed to reach 67F and I could not be happier that this occurred on a day I wasn’t stuck inside at work. I know that in another day or so we’ll be back to cold, but these random warm days remind me that soon it will be spring. I’m so looking forward to warm weather and time out on the rooftop deck!

I took our dog, Zoe, for an extra long walk today and a quick visit with Mike and the Kingsbury dog park. I was so pleased to note that 99% of Zoe’s dog interactions were positive without any aggression. Even the 1 meeting that did result in barking was not instigated by her nor did she get out of control. I really think that her visits to doggy daycare have helped remind her of the socialization she had with other dogs prior to moving to Chicago :). Yay Mutt Hutt!

I’ve continued my streak of trying new recipes from Pinterest today and also making an old standby, Copycat Chile’s salsa (so good!). For dinner tonight we’re going to be trying an original pin of mine from YumSugar, 5 spice broiled chicken thighs; I’m hoping they taste as good as they look! I also threw together some Shrimp Sauce for our rice and my fingers are crossed that it will deliver and taste like Genji’s Yum Yum sauce. If so, Mike & I are in for a treat and a new addiction! I’m loving the recipes I’m finding everyday on Pinterest and days off when I get to try most of them are my favorite!

Anyways, here’s to today and blogging for the first time in over a year (whoops). Soon I’m hoping to learn a little bit of programming so that I can design my own blog with my very own site :). Stay tuned for that one (and hopefully it won’t be as long in coming as this blog post was).

New directions

I recently wrote a post about how my blog lacked direction and I’d like to revisit that a bit today. After posting my first acrylic painting yesterday, I decided that I’d like to reserve my blog for my life outside my job. I know this is still a really broad base but I feel like it will work well for me. As a veterinarian I am responsible for the lives of my patients and this can really weigh on my mind and heart. Crafting, baking and exploring my city have really become my escape from daily stress and worry and I want to use this blog to document and share this joy with others. So there it is: the official purpose of Little Crab in the Big City :)

My first foray into painting with acrylics. I really wanted to do something using my fan brush because of the ease of use that acrylic paint provides compared to oil paint so I just did something basic.

My first foray into painting with acrylics. I really wanted to do something using my fan brush because of the ease of use that acrylic paint provides compared to oil paint so I just did something basic.

My work in progress.

My work in progress.

Worst blogger EVER

I’m pretty sure there has never been a blogger worse than me. I realized recently, almost 2 months since my last post, that I wanted to write on my blog but that I couldn’t even remember what site I was using to blog on. I had to ask my husband how to get back here so that I could write something and now I honestly can’t even remember what I wanted to write about in the first place. I think that is part of my problem as a blogger; I lack direction for my blog. I really don’t have any one topic to focus on and that makes it more difficult for me to write something that I wouldn’t be embarrassed for others to read. Regardless, I guess I will continue to tumble along as I go and write random until I find some form of focus. 

After reviewing my last post, I can at least update and say that I have started painting again to give myself a creative outlet. I’m not very good but it is definitely something I enjoy doing. I’m currently working on something called ‘Hello World’ which is a Piet programming language picture; I figured painting what is basically a giant grid of colors would be a good place for my amateur self to start. Another creative thing that I’m hopefully going to start working on soon is our wedding scrapbook. Now that we’ve got our disc of pictures from our photographer I can start making plans for organization & materials that will be required. I’m really looking forward to putting it in motion because I’ve been planning on doing it since we got engaged. There is a downside to scrapbooking though and that is the fact that it can get really expensive. I guess I’ll just have to figure out ways to make it work because I really, really like paper crafting. 

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully now that I know how to get into my blog again I will start updating more frequently.

Untapped resources

Lately I’ve been pondering how best to express myself creatively. I feel this intense need to create something and I just don’t know what outlet I should pursue. I have contemplated painting, drawing, paper crafts, etc. and yet I have done nothing to pursue any of these. I think part of me is too caught up in the fact that I’ve never been very good at art and I don’t really have the best eye for design (my husband is the one that possesses that gift). It’s almost as though I am afraid to try because I may not be as good those around me. I am so inspired by things that I’ve seen others create and I am almost intimidated by the talent that others possess. Overall, it’s silly because ultimately I’m not going to be doing this for anyone other than myself and no one else would even see my projects unless I wanted them too. Pretty much at some point I’m going to need to get over myself and just do something. I just wonder what that something will end up being…

Rainy Days…

Dear Chicago-

Why is it that all week long you have provided beautiful sun-shiny weather while I toiled away at work and now that I am able to enjoy said weather you throw me some cloudiness and rain? I have company coming into town this weekend and I wanted to show you off; you’re not helping. How am I to recruit other awesome people to move into your greatness if this is what you give them?? You could at least lie for a few days and make them think that autumn/winter here isn’t really that bad. Le sigh. Just so you know, I still love you and all the awesomeness you have to offer, just a little constructive criticism from a friend.


the little crab